Our mission

We are the UK’s specialist in Mandarin Chinese teaching. We provide everything learners need to become confident in Chinese. With an expert teaching team, leading textbooks, colourful clubs, workshops, and educational trips, we are obsessed with crafting the perfect experience for our learners. Our approach creates an integrated experience that makes Chinese fun and accessible for every student.

School pupils learning Chinese on their computers

Ways to learn Mandarin with us

Mandarin tutoring

We provide 1-on-1 Chinese Mandarin tutoring and group tutoring. Our lessons are tailored to your level so whether you are a complete beginner or advanced we can help you on your journey.

Teaching in schools

It is a key goal of our business to facilitate the learning of Mandarin in schools, both at primary and secondary level. We’ve found remote teaching to be really useful for this and we have also created an online learning platform which involves progressing through Chinese language games.

Business culture training

If your business works in China you may need some help learning the etiquette and culture. Our training sessions are there to help you have a frictionless relationship with any Mandarin speaking businesses or individuals.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with ISEB to write the Level 1 and Level 2 Common Entrance curriculum and online assessment in Chinese. Dragons’ Primary School Chinese has been endorsed as the official series for the assessment.

Macmillan Education Australia has partnered with us to market and distribute our popular Secondary School Chinese textbook and blended learning series in Australia.

Our team wrote the popular AQA GCSE Chinese Textbook Series, which has been endorsed by AQA. Our course provides learners with everything they need to succeed in the new GCSE specification.

What people are saying

We’ve worked with over 500 schools to introduce their students to Chinese

Bethany School have been delighted to work with Dragon’s as our partners in introducing and delivering Mandarin this year. The quality of their Programme is excellent and our Year 7 pupils have really enjoyed their learning experience with the lessons being delivered to an outstanding standard. The pupils have particularly enjoyed the interactive online resources which form the basis of much of their prep and have made excellent progress as a result.
Steve Winter

Deputy Headteacher, Bethany School

The thorough planning and structure of the Mandarin course, the provision of materials, textbooks workbooks and online resources, and most of all the professionalism and enthusiasm by Marcus and his team have meant that Mandarin very quickly established itself as an integral part of the MFL Department at KGS. Pupils have been studying the language enthusiastically and are motivated to continue to IGCSE level.
Tanja M Russell

Head of MFL, Kingston Grammar School

Dragons is an exemplary provider of Mandarin teaching. I have worked with them for more than six years and the results they have achieved teaching young people in a non-selective comprehensive in Inner London have been spectacular. The quality of the curriculum, the outstanding nature of their teaching and their ability to work seamlessly within a school’s timetable are all factors that have contributed to that success.
Lin Proctor

Raising Aspirations Director, Pimlico Academy

Some of our Chinese textbooks

The story so far…

Over the past decade, our love of Chinese has created strong and long-lasting relationships with hundreds of families, and more that eight hundred schools. We are hugely grateful for the continuing loyalty of our schools and clients.

We have always cared deeply about fun and interaction going hand in hand with the learning of Chinese. Dragons Teaching employees derive real enjoyment from their teaching, and we all hope that our enthusiasm has inspired everyone that we’ve met over the past 10 years.

As an educational company, our teachers have always been at the heart of what we strive for and achieve. Dragons Teaching would be nothing without all of our incredible staff members.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

Marcus Reoch
Managing Director