A groundbreaking way to learn Spanish online

OVERVIEW – Why learn Spanish?

With rich and colourful cultures, Spanish-speaking countries have almost half a billion speakers worldwide, making Spanish the second most spoken language globally.

All of us at Dragons are passionate about language learning and the benefits it provides to students: cognitive development, higher verbal and non-verbal intelligence, better attention and more.

The value of learning Spanish will last a lifetime too, as employers value multi-lingual candidates and the opportunities to work in other countries will continue to expand horizons.

See the Connect system in action with the DragonsConnect video below!

The benefits of AmigosConnect

Pupils with headsets learning Chinese on our online learning platform


Pupils have shown high levels of engagement when learning online in small groups and supported by an Online Learning Platform.

One of our teachers in the middle of one of his lessons


Spanish is one of the few ‘traditional’ European languages with an increase in GCSE entrants. It sits neatly alongside Mandarin and English as one of the three most important languages for children to learn.

Some students with their hands up


The course allows full tracking of pupil progress and provides data/metrics for reporting purposes. The course is fully aligned to recognised primary and secondary school curricula.

How can our school start with AmigosConnect?

Clients and testimonials

We are excited to bring the Connect hallmarks of high quality teaching, ongoing flexibility and alignment to busy timetables to Spanish! Perfect for the post-Covid 19 world, AmigosConnect is a great way to leverage IT upgrades taking place in schools and homes across the country.

See what a range of different clients think about the Connect system:

“I’m delighted to hear that the session went so well. A big thank you to the IT team and to everyone else involved.

Anne Lynch, Headteacher, The Royal School, Haslemere


“The online teaching went very smoothly. Dragons Teaching sent over all of the details regarding the setup. The staff were friendly, organised and knew exactly what they were doing.”

D McNicholls, Head of IT,
The Mall School, Surrey


“This year we have deepened our cooperation with Dragons Teaching, extending the support of Chinese learning to the entire Alibaba European office… (starting) the online learning model.”

Luo Jiajing, Human Resources Alibaba.com, London Office


How can our school start with AmigosConnect?

How it works

AmigosConnect splits classes into 4 small groups.

  • 2 groups participate in live online classes led by 2 teachers
  • The other 2 groups pre-learn on our bespoke Online Learning Platform (OLP)
  • The groups then switch halfway through the class

Live online class

  • This half develops students’ speaking and listening skills
  • Students are taught in a virtual classroom where they can speak and answer questions as normal
  • Lessons feature interactive whiteboards and quizzes

Online Learning Platform

  • The OLP is aligned exactly to the live online class to consolidate knowledge
  • The platform measures each student’s progress, where they receive badges and awards to reflect their effort and achievement
  •  Content is fun and engaging, including video and interactive games and quizzes

How can our school start with AmigosConnect?

See our Connect teachers in action

AmigosConnect provides only the best Spanish teachers to UK schools. All our teachers are passionate about languages and are focused on quality teaching, class engagement and regular reporting.

Leveraging the convenience of online classes, our Connect teachers are physically located all over the world. They have first-hand experience teaching online and undergo rigorous background checks to ensure safeguarding and professional delivery.

Our courses

Chinese class in the school's IT suite

AmigosConnect offers prep and primary schools short courses as a great addition to a Post 11+ and 13+ exam enrichment programme in the spring and summer terms.


COMING SOON: secondary school full year curriculum study! Our blended learning programme is perfect for students who wish to start as beginners and progress all the way to GCSE.

How can our school start with AmigosConnect?

Online Learning Platform (OLP)

The AmigosConnect OLP, built exclusively by Dragons Teaching, contains videos and activities which introduce grammar, vocabulary, and culture.

The activities range from simple matching games to reading or listening exercises, so students quickly become familiar with spoken and written Spanish.

Games consolidate vocabulary and use algorithms to ensure that words each student finds tricky reappear more often.

Screenshot of our online learning platform dashboard

IT & set-up


Practicing writing Chinese characters on a tablet

AmigosConnect runs with small groups of up to 30 students per class. The only requirements are:

Broadband connection
• 1 x PC/Mac/iPad per student
• 1 x headphone with mic per student

We work with both Adobe Connect and Zoom to deliver online classes. Simple to set up, students intuitively grasp and engage with online delivery.

AmigosConnect uses a secure shared view for the teacher-led half of the lesson; for the second half students log onto the Online Learning Platform at www.amigosconnect.co.uk to complete the interactive games and activities and consolidate their learning.

How can our school start with AmigosConnect?