Chinese Idiom Explainer No.2

Once upon a time there was a lazy farmer. He didn’t like toiling in the fields day after day and, while he did do his work, he took breaks whenever he could and cut a lot of corners. He wished that life didn’t have to be so hard, just to feed himself and his family!

Chinese Idiom Explainer No.1

叶公好龙yè gōng hào lóng There once was a man named Ye Gong and boy did he love dragons! Dragons everywhere – pictures in his house, embroidered dragons in his clothes, painted dragon murals on his walls, carved dragons figures on his shelves… some people say he even...

8 Amazing China Geography Facts

China is one of the largest and most geographically diverse countries in the world. From vast green plains to expanding deserts and freezing mountainous regions China has a lot to explore. Because China is so large and diverse we could talk about its geography for...

Do Chinese Celebrate Christmas?

For many of us, Christmas is the most special holiday of the year. And for good reason because it’s full of lots of wonderful things like family, roast potatoes, mince pies and presents. So it’s odd to remember that for a lot of countries it’s just a normal day where...

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