School & Bulk Orders

From 1st April 2022, if you are looking to bulk purchase any of our Chinese textbook/workbook range, please contact our designated supplier Cypress Books via All orders over £150 will receive free delivery and a 10% discount.

Primary Resources

Primary School Chinese in an engaging three-part introduction to Mandarin Chinese, designed for ages 4-11. With colourful cartoons, large clear text, and achievement stickers, this book helps teachers create a fun and engaging atmosphere for learning Chinese. By the end of this course, students will be familiar with over 300 words and phrases in Chinese, as well as some common and important sentence structures. Primary School Chinese leads the way with fun and engagement both through its games and activities, as well as access to, which contains a wealth of learning resources including the popular Kung Fu Kingdom games.

E-learning Resources

Our popular online games and learning resources accompany each level of Primary School Chinese. Access is included as standard with each purchase of a textbook, but can also be purchased separately. Resources include an e-book version of the textbook, flash games aligned to the curriculum, and a Homework Zone where you can review and test tones and characters.

Français / Español / Deutsch

Primary School Chinese Textbook 1 is also available in French, Spanish, and German.

Secondary Resources

We offer a complete range of resources which take complete beginners to success at GCSE level. Secondary School Chinese for Beginners is the first book in the series, which focuses on a solid foundation in tones, pinyin, and familiarity with core everyday language. Our unique pinyin glossing system eases students into reading Chinese without allowing them to rely on the pinyin prompt. AQA GCSE Chinese Textbooks 1 and 2 follow on from Secondary School Chinese for Beginners. Designed for the new specification, this course covers GCSE Themes such as Identity and Culture, while giving a thorough and comprehensive approach to grammar, study skills, and vocabulary. The course is full of vibrant cultural explanations and photographs which enhance the student’s experience. Each book provides access to,  which features a wide range of learning resources including auto-marking homework, whiteboard slides, and schemes of work.

Answers to common questions

Frequently asked questions

What are the delivery times for items bought from the shop?

If an order has been sent with Royal Mail, please allow for 5-10 days for delivery due to delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

If an order has been sent with a courier, please allow for 5 days for delivery.

My book order hasn’t arrived.

If you have purchased our resources and are waiting longer than expected for delivery, please get in touch with your order number. We will find out when the order was sent and update you on the delivery estimate, or if necessary we will send you a replacement.

What is included in online access to resources?

If you have purchased our learning resources (e.g. textbooks/workbooks), you will be eligible for online access to the following:

  • Sound Zone
  • Homework Zone
  • Teacher Zone (if teacher access is granted)
  • E-book of the textbook (secondary school resources only)
  • Kung Fu Kingdom

How can I get the online access that’s included in the books?

If you have bought our learning materials and would like online access, please email with proof of purchase and name of the student.

I have bought a book second-hand – how do I get the online access?

Unfortunately we can only provide one login per book. Books purchased from third parties are exempt from the inclusive online access.

I have ordered/received the wrong books.

If you have ordered, or been sent, the wrong resources, you can change them within 30 days of purchase. Please get in touch and we will help to make sure you receive the right resources.

I would like to purchase more than five books but this is not possible through the website. How can I order more?

If you are ordering resources on behalf of a school, please email us with details of your order and we will send you an invoice inclusive of the order and postage costs.