Online Teaching – Enrichment

Project Background

Given that Alleyn’s Senior School are now running Mandarin as a dedicated language available to Year 7 and 8 next year, this opportunity was an exciting opportunity for the Junior School to get involved! Given that many of the students in Year 6 go to the senior school, the programme gave them an early understanding of the language before they left the junior school.

How Dragons Teaching Helped

Dragons offered to run their ‘My Week in China’ programme in the school after-half term in the Summer term. This is a 5 day programme aimed at giving Key Stage 2 or 3 pupils exposure to the fundamentals of Chinese language and culture.

“From a teacher’s perspective, it seems to have gone very smoothly. The live lessons have been engaging and worked well. It has been fun to sit in the classroom and hear them ‘speak’ Mandarin! The games and self-led sessions also seem to have gone down well and they have enjoyed the competition element of collecting coins and badges.”

Deborah Mynors, Year 6 Teacher