Online teaching solution

Hill House School Doncaster, Arabic Enrichment

Project background

Hill House School Doncaster, an independent day school for pupils aged 3-18, wanted to offer an exciting and engaging enrichment programme for their Year 6 students during the Spring term. Hill House School met Dragons Teaching at the IAPS 2021 conference and later reached out to us with particular interest in our online “My Week in” programmes. After some discussion and a demo of our unique online learning platforms, Hill House School opted to run our latest offering, ArabicConnect, which Dragons Teaching built and launched in January 2022 for Key Stage 2 and 3 students.

The outcome

Hill House School’s Year 6 classes completed their introduction to Arabic during their ‘My Week in Qatar’ programme in March this year. Dragons Teaching were able to supply 4 Arabic teachers, who taught their classes everyday at a variety of times to fit into the school’s existing timetable.
The school and children really enjoyed the opportunity to learn Arabic with live teachers and also to interact with the newly built online learning platform.

See some footage on the school twitter page of some impressive learning outcomes. shukran Hill House School! (Thanks, Hill House School)