In-house teaching solution

Project overview

Lady Eleanor Holles wanted to launch Mandarin on curriculum for Year 9 back in September 2020. The plan was for students to opt to study Mandarin in alignment with the GCSE curriculum, based on a 3 year course. Students would have on average 2 hours of weekly lessons and the course would be offered to all new Year 9 students in future academic years.

How Dragons Teaching helped

Dragons Teaching provided an experienced and engaging teacher to the school, who has been received very well. He is now in his second year of teaching for us at the school, using the Dragons Teaching resources – which are both hard copy and interactive – to make the experience memorable and engaging. Lady Eleanor Holles now has groups in both Year 9 and 10 on curriculum but we also provide ad-hoc learning solutions such as lunch-time clubs and 1-1 oral classes to start preparing students for next year’s examinations.