Online Teaching Solution

Project Overview

Meadow Hall School, an international school in Lagos,  wanted to explore opportunities to provide Mandarin teaching to their Year 7 and 8 students via an online model.  Based on our large domestic programmes, Dragons reassured Meadow Hall that the online model would work in exactly the same via great live online teaching and the students creating ascynchronous learning in an international school.

How Dragons Teaching Helped

Dragons Teaching felt that this was the perfect solution for the school. The Chinese teaching programme is a forward-thinking online classroom whereby 2 experienced Chinese teachers teach students in small groups and give them access to interactive online teaching materials. Students have 1 hour weekly lessons which are a mixture of teaching (40 minutes) and asynchronous learning which is curated to the online curriculum. All students would aim to sit the Level 2 Online Assessment in Mandarin at some stage in 2022-23.

“We have really benefitted from working with Dragons Teaching on the provision of online Mandarin teachers here in Lagos at Meadow Hall School. The flexibility of their provision and the inclusion of interactive asynchronous teaching material are added benefits which frees up our timetabling but also adds an extra layer of interaction to the provision. The teachers have been really engaging and we would recommend them to other schools”

Fatima Okeowo, Head of Meadow Hall College