Mandarin Chinese Teaching Certification

As a centre for excellence in teaching Chinese, Dragons aims to lead the way in Chinese teaching pedagogy. Our two teacher training programmes are designed around student engagement and effective use of resources.

MCTC Inspire is offered to primary school teachers without a background in Chinese. It enables teachers to introduce beginner Chinese to their students with confidence.

MCTC Specialist is provided to all Dragons teachers to equip them with the techniques they need to teach effectively and grow as a teacher.

Awarding one of our Mandarin teacher trainees with a certificate
MCTC Inspire is designed for non-Dragons primary school teachers without prior knowledge of Mandarin.

If you are a primary school teacher who wants to introduce Chinese in your classroom, MCTC Inspire is the programme for you. This programme trains you to teach beginner Chinese with the aid of Dragons’ interactive resources.

The programme consists of two training sessions at your school. The first session introduces the language, resources and support network offered by the MCTC Inspire programme. After this session, trainees are prepared to begin teaching a beginner Chinese course. Teachers have access to Dragons resources, and regular support is provided through the first year. The second session is a classroom observation, usually conducted after 10 hours of teaching. In this session, we provide feedback on your lesson, and you can ask further questions about the course and resources. We award the MCTC Inspire certificate after 20 hours of teaching.

For more information or to book this programme at your school, please contact or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

MCTC Specialist is designed to help Dragons teachers develop their skills as subject specialists.

As a Dragons teacher, the MCTC Specialist programme will form the backbone of your professional development. The programme is taught by experienced instructors and focuses on teaching Chinese with modern, interactive techniques. The programme is also closely aligned with national teaching standards.

We award MCTC Specialist after 100 hours of teaching on curriculum with observations and evaluations throughout.


Dragons would just like to congratulate the following teachers for completing the following MCTC training courses:

Allen Tsui, MCTC Inspire

Mandarin Teacher at Willow Brook Primary School.

Brent Gardner, MCTC Specialist

Mandarin Teacher at Dragons Teaching.

Peiwen Luo, MCTC Specialist

Mandarin Teacher at Dragons Teaching.

Xiaoxuan Huang, MCTC Specialist

Mandarin Teacher at Dragons Teaching.

Joline Chen, MCTC Specialist

Mandarin Teacher at Dragons Teaching.

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