Connect: our e-learning platform

Learn a language online, anywhere

Our e-learning platform Connect combines online tuition with fun, interactive exercises to consolidate learning. Connect is available in all of our taught languages – Mandarin (DragonsConnect), Spanish (AmigosConnect), French (FrenchConnect) and ArabicConnect.

Following the same structured course as face-to-face tutoring, Connect offers flexibility and peace of mind with lessons taking place anywhere, any time. Learners are provided with everything they need for success in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Sessions consist of virtual face-to-face tuition in a well-defined curriculum, followed by independent learning using exciting, reward-based exercises to encourage engagement.

Unlike competitor language tuition services, learning with Dragons Teaching means that students receive personalised progress reports from their teachers. Connect automatically tracks performance, helping students to monitor their progress, establish areas for improvement and celebrate their achievements.

The activities range from simple matching games to reading or listening exercises, so students quickly become familiar with the spoken and written language. Games consolidate vocabulary and use algorithms to ensure that words students find challenging reappear more often.

Connect v Connect Lite

The ConnectLite platforms contain 10 lessons, introducing students to the culture of the nation and basic conversational topics. Each lesson takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, with a quiz at the end to test the students’ knowledge from that lesson.

The full Connect course, booked in blocks of 10, takes the student beyond the beginners’ course. Each one-hour session in the Connect full course includes 40 minutes of live teaching, 15 minutes of supervised study and 5 minutes of recap and consolidation with the teacher. Students also receive weekly reports from the teacher to monitor progress.

Connect at home

Discover our Connect courses at home in Mandarin, Spanish, French and Arabic.

Connect at school

Bring Connect to the classroom for an exciting new learning experience.

Answers to common questions

Frequently asked questions

What safeguarding measures do you put in place for your teachers?

The wellbeing and safeguarding of your children are the key priorities for all of us at Dragons Teaching. Every Dragons’ teacher will have an up-to-date DBS check (or equivalent police check) on file with us before starting. In addition, and as mandated by the ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education (2020)’ documentation, full references and overseas checks are conducted on all of our teachers. You access our full safeguarding policy here.

My child has some prior language learning experience; how do you assess their level and find the right starting point for them?

We will provide a free demo and level assessment session with one of our experienced GCSE Mandarin teachers to help finding the correct starting point for your child.

My Connect game/activity isn’t loading correctly.

If you are on one of our Connect platforms and the game/activity isn’t loading as expected, please try the following troubleshooting tasks:

  • Are you using Chrome as your browser? Please note that other browsers (e.g. Safari, Internet Explorer etc) will not work.
  • Is your screen zoom set to 100% or less?
  • Is your internet speed fast enough?
  • Have you passed the previous activities and games?

If you have attempted the above tasks but are still struggling to load the game/activity, please get in touch.

Why have my Connect lessons not unlocked?

Lessons are unlocked manually. If your lesson time has changed as a one-off, we may need to update the schedule on the Connect platform to ensure that the lessons are unlocked at the right time. Please get in touch.

My teacher hasn’t let me into the Zoom room.

If the student has not been accepted into the Zoom session and you have contact details for the teacher, please contact the teacher directly. If you do not have the contact details for the teacher, please get in touch with us and we will call/email the teacher and then provide you with an update.