What is AmigosConnect?

It’s our mission to make learning a new language a fun, affordable and widely accessible experience.

AmigosConnect is an interactive e-learning platform, allowing students to fully immerse themselves in Spanish language and culture. All of our Connect programmes introduce students to the language through 10 initial lessons, after which there is the option to progress to our full course.

The first half of the lesson takes place with the teacher in a live online setting – almost exactly like a real classroom experience. This is where the student and teacher go through the course material and are able to verbally engage in Spanish. Once the student has covered the Spanish lesson material with the teacher, the student will be invited to complete the interactive activities on the Connect platform, reinforcing the content covered in the live lesson.

Each Connect lesson consists of 10 activities which are consistent throughout the AmigosConnect Lite course: culture, dialogue, review, dribbling race, Seville Oranges, bubble pop, fireworks, letter jumble, cuadros and an end-of-lesson quiz (each pictured in the screenshots below). Students ‘win’ coins and badges as they progress through the course, encouraging engagement.

These activities are designed to reinforce Spanish culture while giving the student the time needed to internalise the lesson material through fun games.

AmigosConnect at Home

Are you looking for a fun way for your child to learn Spanish? Find out more about our cost-effective courses, which can all be completed online from home.

AmigosConnect at School

Our Spanish programme is very popular with schools, both on-curriculum and as a co-curricular activity. Find out more about the services we offer.