OVERVIEW – Why EALConnect?

EALConnect leverages the tried-and-tested blended learning formula of our flagship Connect system to support schools and families. Specifically created for new arrivals to the UK – but suitable for any young EAL learner – EALConnect  is aligned with the EU’s CEFR levels.

Similar to AmigosConnect and DragonsConnect, classes are split into 2 parts:

  1. 30mins with an online teacher, using content specially tailored to the level of the students.
  2. Students then spend 15mins revising and consolidating their knowledge on our Online Learning Platform, engaging the students in a fun and gamified format which also monitors their progress.
  3. Parents play a key role in their child’s learning too, helping with weekly roleplay sessions or special tasks.

EALConnect is a truly groundbreaking way to augment schools’ own EAL provision or support private families through offering quality teaching, flexibility and a high level of engagement all at an affordable price.

See the EALConnect system in action!

The benefits of EALConnect

Pupils with headsets learning Chinese on our online learning platform


Pupils have shown high levels of engagement when learning online in small groups and supported by an Online Learning Platform.

One of our teachers in the middle of one of his lessons

Created by experts

Our programme of study was created by an expert in the EAL field and is aligned with the EU’s CEFR levels, beginning with A1.


Some students with their hands up

Supporting academic attainment

Increasing young learners’ English ability boosts confidence and leads to better academic outcomes across the board.

How can our school start with EALConnect?

Clients and testimonials

Since September 2018, Dragons’ high quality teaching, ongoing flexibility and alignment to busy timetables has made the Connect system a huge success. With easy to set up IT requirements, it has never been easier or more affordable to offer quality language teaching at an affordable price.

Here are some recent testimonials from several of Dragons’ prep and primary school clients:

We were initially a little uncertain about remote teaching, but recent world events have only made the world start to catch on to what they were already offering. Having expert teachers leading small groups allowed our children to make progress in weeks that they might otherwise have taken many months to achieve.”

Lex Lang, Deputy Head, Teaching and Innovation, Caterham Prep School


Rupert House joined forces with Dragons Connect to provide a taste of Mandarin teaching, in addition to French, for our older children in Years 4-6, so that they could experience learning an entirely different type of language.  The children have enjoyed it hugely and we are proud of the breadth of language learning that we offer”.

Mrs Clare Lynas, Head,
Rupert House School


The “technical setup” was straightforward and most importantly simple – our Year 6 teacher happily continued safe in the knowledge that the technology worked!  Dragons Teaching have a great solution to the difficulties that schools face in recruiting high quality languages’ teachers”.

Matthew Cornish, Computing Teacher, Chiswick and Bedford Park Prep School


How can our school start with EALConnect?

How it works

EALConnect works in a similar fashion to our Spanish and Mandarin online programmes. The biggest difference is instead of splitting one class into two groups, there is only one class of 6 students!
• 1 teacher for 6 students guarantees more focussed attention on each student.
• The teacher provides regular reports and feedback on each child’s progress.
• After 30mins with the teacher, the students consolidate their learning on our Online Learning Platform (OLP).

Live online class
The focus is to develop the students’ speaking and listening skills. During the class, students are taught via a virtual classroom where they speak, answer questions, and raise their hands as normal.

Online Learning Platform (OLP)
Students progress through engaging online activities on our OLP. The platform is aligned exactly to the live online class so that students reinforce their knowledge.

Our courses

Chinese class in the school's IT suite

EALConnect offers up to a full academic year of classes with three 10-week courses reflecting academic terms. While we recommend a minimum of one term (10 weeks) of classes, we are happy to discuss any bespoke requirements.

Specially designed for new arrivals: our programme is designed for students at the beginning of their English journey, at EU CEFR level A1 or A2.

How can our school start with EALConnect?