Integrating smart video software into our Connect platforms

Video software

It’s the start of the new academic year and Dragons Teaching are delighted to have launched a new integrated video software to all our Connect platforms.

The new feature, powered by ‘Whereby Embedded’, enables all of our language lessons to be delivered on a high-quality, stable video conference software that sits within the Connect platform, opposed to routing to a third party software (e.g. Zoom or Microsoft Teams).

For schools in particular, we know that data privacy is a major concern with all online platforms. The Whereby integration will provide an even safer online experience, as the video link is encrypted within the platform and accessed via web browser. This means that students will never need to use a third party software and will not need to sign into anything other than our own Connect platform, while teachers and IT departments will not need to ensure that third party software is installed on pupils’ devices. In fact, Whereby itself was founded in ‘privacy-friendly Norway’.

Adam Ennis, Business Operations Manager for Dragons Teaching, said: “We believe that this will provide all of our customers, whether individuals, schools or businesses, with a superior experience on our Connect e-learning platforms. This removes the need for any of our partners to install any video software and simplifies the set-up of our programmes on school and business networks.”

The new feature is now integrated into our major Connect e-learning platforms (DragonsConnect, AmigosConnect and FrenchConnect) and will blaze the way for easy teaching and learning as our product line grows over the years.