Technology in the Classroom

Children on classroom computers

I began working in the education sector three short months ago and in this time I’ve busied myself attending headteachers conferences, visiting both junior and secondary schools in the state sector as well as independent. Prior to joining Dragons Teaching, my experience of modern day schooling had been limited to my own children’s schools. Whilst there are open afternoons and parents evenings, I have never actually had the opportunity to observe them learning in a classroom situation. This means that the main route to understanding how my children learn is through talking with them and their teachers, while also observing and helping with homework. However, even with only three months under my belt, I do feel I have a much better understanding as to how my children learn in the classroom.

Children on classroom computers

I feel very privileged to watch teachers at work and whilst lots of things have impressed me, the biggest takeaway I have by far is just how much technology is helping children learn in schools. I have seen iPads and Chromebooks being used by children inside and outside the classroom, classes being conducted online using laptops and headsets in dedicated IT suites, and huge interactive whiteboards where teachers can invite children up to explain their thoughts and ideas to the other children in the class.

It has genuinely been a revelation to me and what’s equally impressive is just how truly comfortable both the children and teachers are with the technology they use.

Writing Mandarin on an iPad

Online learning is becoming more widely adopted in schools and I have been lucky enough to witness/see this first hand, observing online classes that have been run via our own DragonsConnect programme. I’m only three months in but already I can’t wait to talk to more schools and, using their IT infrastructure, make learning Mandarin far more accessible and inclusive for them.