School Enrichment: My Week in Qatar

Our new Arabic school enrichment programme for Key Stage 2 and 3

‘My Week in Qatar’ is our brand new school enrichment programme, following the same format as our previous ‘My Week in…‘ experiences. This programme is a fantastic springboard for teaching pupils introductory Arabic and Arabic culture in advance of the Qatar World Cup 2022. 

Pupils learn through our all-in-one encrypted e-learning platform, ArabicConnect, where they receive live, virtual lessons from the teacher and engage in interactive exercises to consolidate their learning.

For one hour each day, classes are split into four small, manageable groups. Two groups spend 30 minutes learning in the online classroom with two teachers (one per group), while the other two groups work independently through fun, interactive activities. Halfway through the lesson, the groups swap. 

Lessons take place with the same teachers at the same time, each day, to provide consistency and routine. My Week in Qatar is typically delivered as 5 one-hour lessons over the course of one week. 

For a total cost of £490+VAT per class (maximum 32 pupils per class), Dragons Teaching will provide two fantastic Arabic teachers, access to ArabicConnect and an end-of-course certificate for each pupil.

Diagram showing how an ArabicConnect class works

Blended Learning

Students spend 30 minutes learning introductory Arabic from one of our friendly, expert teachers online before completing fun, interactive exercises on ArabicConnect. In our 15 years of experience we have seen how this style of learning increases pupil engagement.

Professional Teaching

Our teachers are fully trained and meet all safeguarding requirements, while our enrichment programme is aligned with genuine academic curricula. We can provide the whole learning package, taking the stress off schools.

Measurable Progress

Pupils collect lamps (virtual rewards) as they navigate the course, reflecting their level of engagement and success. This provides real tracking data for your school to measure their progress.

See ArabicConnect in action

The girls really enjoyed learning with Dragons Teaching and felt that they had learned a lot. They are hoping to continue learning the language in secondary school. It is such a good course.

Beverly Dillon St Hilda’s Prep School

I just wanted to feedback how much our children are enjoying these lessons. They can’t stop talking about them! Thank you so much for providing this memorable opportunity for them.

T Brown Academies Enterprise Trust

Dragons is a well organised team and everyone gave excellent support through the journey. Pupils like the programme very much! The teachers and the management and programme are excellent.

Wei Gan Calday Grange Grammar School
Promotional image for the World Cup Qatar