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When does my purchase expire?

Purchases do not expire. For GDPR reasons, we will ask schools to review the logins we hold on a yearly basis. However, we will not delete any users unless asked.

I would like to purchase more than five books but this is not possible through the website. How can I order more?

If you are ordering resources on behalf of a school, please email us with details of your order and we will send you an invoice inclusive of the order and postage costs.

I have bought a book second-hand – how do I get the online access?

Unfortunately we can only provide one login per book. Books purchased from third parties are exempt from the inclusive online access.

I am a teacher and I have questions about pay.

What are the rates for teachers?

Rates are variable depending on the lesson type (for example, ConnectLite – 30 minutes of teaching – or Connect – one hour of teaching/teacher presence). Rates will be discussed with you in the application process.

How do I receive my P45 or P60? Please visit http://www.myepaywindow.com.

When is the payroll cut-off? The Sunday before the last Friday of each month.

I’ve been paid incorrectly. Please check that you have confirmed your lessons before the cut-off (see above). If yes, please get in touch and we will rectify this so you receive the correct pay as soon as possible. If you have not confirmed your lessons before the cut-off, unfortunately you will need to wait until the following month’s pay.

I have ordered/received the wrong books.

If you have ordered, or been sent, the wrong resources, you can change them within 30 days of purchase. Please get in touch and we will help to make sure you receive the right resources.

I want to stop the lessons. Can I get a refund?

Once you have begun a course, it is not possible to receive a refund. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions sent with purchase.

My teacher hasn’t let me into the Zoom room.

If the student has not been accepted into the Zoom session and you have contact details for the teacher, please contact the teacher directly. If you do not have the contact details for the teacher, please get in touch with us and we will call/email the teacher and then provide you with an update.

How many hours do I have left on my course?

To check the status of your course/package, please visit dragonseducation.com to track your lessons and your account balance.

What are the delivery times for items bought from the shop?

If an order has been sent with Royal Mail, please allow for 5-10 days for delivery due to delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

If an order has been sent with a courier, please allow for 5 days for delivery.

My book order hasn’t arrived.

If you have purchased our resources and are waiting longer than expected for delivery, please get in touch with your order number. We will find out when the order was sent and update you on the delivery estimate, or if necessary we will send you a replacement.