Seize the educational opportunities post-pandemic

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It is easy to get consumed by negativity in 2020. Not least by considering the continuing Covid-19 pandemic with the potential for reimposition of national lockdowns – at the same time governments around the world encourage schools and workspaces to reopen. While a healthy dose of caution is necessary to traverse these times, it is also worth reflecting on the huge educational opportunities post-pandemic if you know where to look – such as schools embracing technology like never before, with many choosing a hybrid model or experimenting with novel ways to educate.

Before the pandemic necessitated innovation, Dragons Teaching had already planned to launch Spanish programmes alongside our core mission of making Mandarin more accessible to ever-greater numbers of students. Covid-19, however, inspired us really to focus on our ground-breaking Connect model, which allows expert teachers to conduct online classes of up to 6 students in a cost-conscious and flexible format.

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Dragons Teaching is further making the best of 2020 by welcoming a brand new team. You’ll be hearing more about them over the coming weeks but we would like to take this occasion to say a warm 欢迎 huānyíng, bienvenido and welcome to Dr Helen Wright! Dr Wright joins us as our Senior Education Advisor and brings her extensive global experience in education to Dragons as she pursues her passion: working with schools across the world in challenging leaders to think innovatively about futures-focused education.

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As Dragons – and the world – looks to an uncertain future, we choose to adapt, innovate and join with those who support our mission too. Particularly passionate about learning without borders, Dr Wright firmly believes in technology’s potential to enhance and augment student learning. Together we are positive that however the pandemic proceeds, online and technology-assisted learning is here to stay, with our Connect model offering a proven, Covid-safe system to make language learning fun again.

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