Dragons Teaching has a tried and tested solution for any school that wants to provide French to absolute beginners. We teach at primary and secondary level. We can provide your students with experienced online teachers, engaging asynchronous learning and an exciting learning environment.



Intermediate & Advanced

Dragons uses intuitive placements tests at the outset so that we can ensure that our teachers and teaching materials bespoke to your needs. We teach in alignment with GCSE, IGCSE and IB curriculums.

Intermediate & Advanced

Intermediate & Advanced

French Language Teaching

Learn French with Dragons Teaching

French language is spoken across all five of the world’s continents by more than 300 million people. As France is the world’s fifth biggest economy, the ability to speak French is a major advantage for many multinational companies.

The soft, melodious language, often called the language of love, is both fun and stimulating to learn due to its analytical structure. French culture can also be found globally in fashion, literature, science, the arts and gastronomy.

Learning French with Dragons Teaching means you will benefit from carefully structured courses, experienced and engaging teachers, interactive exercises and performance monitoring to track your progress.

Connect has been a revelation. We were initially a little uncertain about remote teaching, but recent events have only made the world start to catch on to what they were already offering. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Lex Lang Deputy Head, Caterham Prep School

I really have enjoyed working with you and Dragons and have appreciated your thoroughly professional approach. The teachers you have sent us and the service you have provided have been top notch!

Philippa Millward Queen’s College, Harley Street

I have used Dragons for over two years. The tutors are very high quality, dedicated, punctual, encouraging and supportive of my children. My daughter did her GCSE aged 14 and got an A and my youngest daughter wants to do her GCSE at 13. I hope to use Dragons to A Level with my children.

S. Read Parent

Answers to common questions

Frequently asked questions

What safeguarding measures do you put in place for your teachers?

The wellbeing and safeguarding of your children are the key priorities for all of us at Dragons Teaching. Every Dragons’ teacher will have an up-to-date DBS check (or equivalent police check) on file with us before starting. In addition, and as mandated by the ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education (2020)’ documentation, full references and overseas checks are conducted on all of our teachers. You access our full safeguarding policy here.

How will you choose the right teacher for me/my child?

We will use an initial demo assessment session to understand exactly where you/your child are in the language learning journey and then choose the best teacher for you based on this as well as your availability.

Do you only do online teaching?

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of online teaching, but we recognise that some students prefer to learn in person. So if you are based in Greater London we can normally arrange a teacher to come to your house (subject to availability). Please contact us to discuss this.

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