Dragons Teaching has a tried and tested solution for any school that wants to provide Mandarin to absolute beginners. We teach at primary and secondary level. We can provide your students with experienced online teachers, engaging asynchronous learning and an exciting learning environment.



Intermediate & Advanced

Dragons uses intuitive placements tests at the outset so that we can ensure that our teachers and teaching materials bespoke to your needs. We teach in alignment with GCSE, IGCSE, HSK and IB curriculums.

Intermediate & Advanced

Intermediate & Advanced

Language Teaching For Schools

Learn Mandarin with Dragons Teaching

Chinese has many different dialects, but Mandarin is by far the largest and spoken by over 1.2 billion people in the world. At Dragons Teaching, we have 15 years’ experience in teaching this fascinating language.

While many people believe that learning Mandarin is a difficult challenge, we teach Mandarin language in a style similar to building blocks – first teaching pinyin (alphabetical pronunciation) before introducing the Mandarin character, making it easier to learn and digest.

At Dragons Teaching, we can help individuals, groups and whole school classes learn how to read, write, listen and speak Mandarin Chinese, opening doors to a myriad of career and extra-curricular opportunities.

For Mandarin teaching, DragonsConnect is proud to have endorsed relationships with AQA, The Independent Schools Examinations Board and the Mandarin Excellence Programme.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Dragons and the team. We felt very well supported in the organisation of this event and we appreciated the swift and timely response to our many enquiries. We received some very positive feedback from parents of students who participated and it is great to see that so many of them chose to complete some extra online sessions. Students enjoyed being given the opportunity to interact with native speakers. They also loved the games on the Connect platform.

Cyrine Jaworski Head of MFL at The Petersfield School

We organised Mandarin lessons for our team because we work with Chinese brands and thought it would be a fun activity to do together. Dragons did not disappoint. Our excellent teacher pitched the learning content perfectly and not only did we learn, we enjoyed it enormously. Dragons comes highly recommended and we would love to work with them again in the future.

Hub TV Production company, Clerkenwell

My daughter started learning Mandarin with Dragons Teaching this year, and found it to be a really enjoyable experience. The combination of learning about Chinese culture, language and geography was really compelling for her, and she learnt so much without even realising it! Her teacher was outstanding, moving at just the right pace for my daughter. I highly recommend Dragons Teaching,

Imogen Overli Parent

Answers to common questions

Frequently asked questions

What safeguarding measures do you put in place for your teachers?

The wellbeing and safeguarding of your children are the key priorities for all of us at Dragons Teaching. Every Dragons’ teacher will have an up-to-date DBS check (or equivalent police check) on file with us before starting. In addition, and as mandated by the ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education (2020)’ documentation, full references and overseas checks are conducted on all of our teachers. You access our full safeguarding policy here.

How will you choose the right teacher for me/my child?

We will use an initial demo assessment session to understand exactly where you/your child are in the language learning journey and then choose the best teacher for you based on this as well as your availability.

Can my child learn together with their sibling(s) or friend(s)?

Yes! Providing that the children are of a similar level and age, learning Beginners’ Spanish together in a small group is a great way to learn and is even more cost effective than learning individually.

DragonsConnect character

Textbooks & Resources

We not only teach Mandarin – we write the courses too. Visit our shop to purchase textbooks and workbooks in Primary and Secondary Chinese.