Dragons Teaching has a tried and tested solution for any school that wants to provide Spanish to absolute beginners. We teach at primary and secondary level. We can provide your students with experienced online teachers, engaging asynchronous learning and an exciting learning environment.



Intermediate & Advanced

Dragons uses intuitive placements tests at the outset so that we can ensure that our teachers and teaching materials bespoke to your needs. We teach in alignment with GCSE, IGCSE and IB curriculums.

Intermediate & Advanced

Intermediate & Advanced

Spanish Language Teaching

Learn Spanish with Dragons Teaching

With rich and colourful cultures, Spanish-speaking countries have almost half a billion native speakers on three continents, making Spanish language the second most spoken globally.

The value of learning Spanish will last a lifetime, as employers value multi-lingual candidates and the opportunities to work in other countries will continue to expand horizons.

Learning Spanish with Dragons Teaching means you will benefit from carefully structured courses, experienced and engaging teachers, interactive exercises and performance monitoring to track your progress.

We certainly feel that what Dragons Teaching provided exceeded our expectations and were delighted, as were the children, that their learning could continue during their home learning. They have really embraced all things Mandarin and now that they are back in school, their house point chart has their names in Mandarin characters!

Vicky Gocher Aldenham Prep School

Dragons have been very well received – the staff are knowledgeable, approachable and have very good classroom presence. They make the lessons fun, whilst ensuring that the girls learn. The enthusiasm of the girls is outstanding – they really enjoy the lessons and also the interactive resources outside class.

Rosalynd Kamaryc Queen’s Gate School

The Summer Spanish was really great and both of my children found it very helpful and stimulating. 

Indy Bhattacharyya Parent

Answers to common questions

Frequently asked questions

Can my child learn together with their sibling(s) or friend(s)?

Yes! Providing that the children are of a similar level and age, learning Beginners’ Spanish together in a small group is a great way to learn and is even more cost effective than learning individually.

My child has some prior language learning experience; how do you assess their level and find the right starting point for them?

We will provide a free demo and level assessment session with one of our experienced GCSE Mandarin teachers to help finding the correct starting point for your child.

How old does my child have to be to study a language with Dragons Teaching?

Our Learn at Home courses are all perfectly suited for students starting in Key Stage 2 (age 7-11) and go right through to GCSE level in all of our languages. For Mandarin Chinese, we are also able to offer a starter course that is suitable for Key Stage 1 students (age 5-7).

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