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Learn Beginners’ Mandarin

Learn Mandarin Online

Learn Beginners Mandarin Online, from the comfort of home.

Learn Beginners’ Mandarin online with DragonsConnect Lite platform, from the comfort of your home. Our 10-week engaging beginners mandarin course, which guarantees 30 minutes of live online tuition each week and 30 minutes of independent learning with reward-based, interactive language exercises. Connect offers flexibility with Chinese Mandarin lessons booked to your personal timetable.

DragonsConnect, our full Chinese Mandarin course, takes learners up to the end of UK Key Stage 3. Each one-hour session in the DragonsConnect full intensive Mandarin course includes 40 minutes of live teaching, 15 minutes of supervised study and 5 minutes of recap and consolidation with the teacher. Students also receive weekly reports from the teacher to monitor progress.

Our specialised language course will help your child to speak Mandarin in an interactive, reward-based environment.

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  • AQA Approved
  • Interactive Software
  • Live Weekly Tuition
  • Beginner & GCSE Levels

Our teacher is amazing. I have never seen my daughter warm to anyone so quickly. She clearly understands small children and I love that she is using the first few classes to warm up to my daughter and introduce the language slowly. A great idea and approach.

Bianca Skinner Parent

My teacher was knowledgeable and open and he made the experience enjoyable. The teaching style was relaxed but focused.

Z. Fuller

I wanted to send my thanks for organising my son’s lessons and exam. It has been a big success, and has given him both a challenge, and simply something to do, over this last year. Jamie is an excellent teacher and my son has enjoyed his company. He has now elected to continue with the language at Senior School and I hope he will continue to GCSE.

Parent Individual tuition
Learn Mandarin at Home using DragonsConnect. Our full Mandarin Course offers students the opportunity to benefit from a mix of live teaching, independent learning and interactive exercises.

Answers to common questions

Frequently asked questions

What safeguarding measures do you put in place for your teachers?

The wellbeing and safeguarding of your children are the key priorities for all of us at Dragons Teaching. Every Dragons’ teacher for Beginners’ Mandarin will have an up-to-date DBS check (or equivalent police check) on file with us before starting. In addition, and as mandated by the ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education (2020)’ documentation, full references and overseas checks are conducted on all of our teachers. You access our full safeguarding policy here.

How will you choose the right teacher for me/my child?

We will use an initial demo assessment session to understand exactly where you/your child are in the language learning journey and then choose the best Beginners’ Mandarin teacher for you based on this as well as your availability.

How old does my child have to be to study a language with Dragons Teaching?

Our Beginners’ Mandarin course is perfectly suited for students starting in Key Stage 2 (age 7-11) and go right through to GCSE level in all of our languages. For Mandarin Chinese, we are also able to offer a starter course that is suitable for Key Stage 1 students (age 5-7).

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Mandarin tuition

We also offer private Mandarin tuition

We can offer bespoke private Mandarin tuition for students within Greater London. Get in touch with us today so we can find a solution for you.