10 key sections of our Online Learning Platform

The activities range from simple matching games to activities which require reading or listening to passages of text. Through these activities, students will become familiar with spoken and written Spanish. The structure of the platform includes a dashboard which shows the student’s progress, awards, and their next recommended activity.

Culture is a key part of the learning. Our OLP teaches students about a range of topics pertaining to Spanish-speaking culture.

Speaking exercises are clear, colourful and aligned to different ages within Key Stage 3 and 4.

Review helps students to break down the dialogue into digestible chunks to improve comprehension and retain new words.

Dribbling race: a great way to reinforce Spanish sounds linked to high frequency words and phrases.

Seville Oranges: a fun and effective way to test new words in each new unit.

Cuadros: an innovative game which requires students to link English words to newly learnt Spanish ones in a race against the clock!

Letter Jumble: a memory game that helps students learn to spell new Spanish words.

Bubble Pop: pop the words to hear the sounds of Spanish!

Fireworks: testing students’ Spanish listening comprehension.

Quiz time: this appears at the end of each chapter and tests students overall understanding of the chapter contents.