Marcus Reoch

Founder & Managing Director
Marcus fell in love with China in 2006, while living with a Chinese family in Shanghai and learning Mandarin. He set up Dragons to spread his passion for Mandarin Chinese. At the same time as managing the company, Marcus still teaches Chinese every week, as he never wants to lose the spark of education.

Julian Drinkall

Non-executive Chairman
Julian brings a wide experience of leadership in education and publishing. As CEO of the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET), a UK-based group of primary and secondary schools,  Julian is deeply passionate about excellence in education.

Elliot Hsiao-Williams

Head of Teaching
Originally from Taiwan, Elliot is a passionate teacher with experience across primary and secondary Mandarin teaching. With a MA in Applied Translation and as a qualified teacher, Elliot is always excited to develop and hone the way we teach Mandarin at Dragons.

Valentina Lee

Teacher & After School Club Lead
Valentina began her career in psycholinguistics before moving to China to study at Beijing Language and Cultural University. She has spent the last 4 years teaching Mandarin and English to primary students in both Beijing and London.

Brent Gardner

Teacher & After School Club Coordinator
Brent has over eight year’s teaching experience in countries around the world and a degree in English Literature. He also studied Mandarin at Cheng Kong University, and Advanced Chinese at Manchester University. He started teaching for Dragons in 2016.

Demi Scott

Operational Manager & Technical Support
Demi is responsible for school administration such as safeguarding and finances . She manages and assists in the organisation of school trips to China, as well as providing technical support for our clients and teachers.

Benjamin Pearce

Teacher & Marketing Coordinator
Benjamin first experienced China in 2011 working at a summer camp in Zhejiang Province. After graduating from The University of Sheffield, he returned to China and taught there for 4 years. Benjamin returned to the UK for an MA in Chinese Studies.

William Minter

Author & Head of Marketing
William taught Chinese at secondary schools for 6 years. He also has a background in video production and marketing. He co-wrote Dragons’ Secondary School Chinese resources. He studied Chinese at Oxford and East Asian Studies at Yale, specializing in classical Chinese literature.

Varun Jain

IT Project Manager
Varun is central to Dragons in Europe’s IT programme and strategy. His expertise, details and perfectionism meet in perfect harmony with our continuous plans for the diversification of offerings on our e-learning portals.

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