Dragons has partnered with over 800 schools in the last 10 years. Each year we work with 50-100 schools, including Chinese on curriculum, after-school clubs, trips, and private tuition.

We currently work with over 50 schools in the Greater London area, the majority of which are independent schools.

Primary and Preparatory Schools
Aberdour Prep SchoolQueen’s Gate Junior School
Abercorn Prep SchoolRokeby Prep School
Beaumont Nursery SchoolRupert House Prep School
Cavendish SchoolSancton Wood Prep School
Cranmore Prep SchoolSarum Hall School
Eaton House The ManorSouth Hampstead High School Juniors
Eaton Square SchoolSt Albans High School Juniors
Glendower Prep SchoolThe Mead School, Tunbridge Wells
Guildford High School JuniorsThe Falcons School for Girls
Heath House Prep SchoolThe Falcons School for Boys
Holland House Prep SchoolThomas’s Clapham
Hyde Park Prep SchoolThomas’s Fulham
Ludgrove SchoolThomson House School
Old Vicarage Prep SchoolTwickenham Prep School
Pembridge Hall Prep SchoolYork House Prep School
Prospect House Prep SchoolWillow Brook Primary School
Secondary Schools and Academies
Halycon International SchoolSt Albans High School Seniors
Haydon School, PinnerSt Francis High School, Letchworth
Kingston Grammar SchoolSt Faith’s School, Cambridge
Queen’s College, LondonThe Charter School, North Dulwich
Queen Elizabeth Senior BoysThe Charter School, East Dulwich
Queen’s Gate Senior SchoolThe Royal School, Haslemere
South Hampstead High School SeniorsWimbledon High School
St. Catherine’s, Twickenham
Primary and Preparatory Schools
Aberdour Prep SchoolHyde Park Prep SchoolSouth Hampstead High School Juniors
Abercorn Prep SchoolLudgrove SchoolSt Albans High School Juniors
Beaumont Nursery SchoolOld Vicarage Prep SchoolThe Mead School, Tunbridge Wells
Cavendish SchoolPembridge Hall Prep SchoolThe Falcons School for Girls
Cranmore Prep SchoolProspect House Prep SchoolThe Falcons School for Boys
Eaton House The ManorQueen’s Gate Junior SchoolThomas’s Clapham
Eaton Square SchoolRokeby Prep SchoolThomas’s Fulham
Glendower Prep SchoolRupert House Prep SchoolThomson House School
Guildford High School JuniorsSancton Wood Prep SchoolTwickenham Prep School
Heath House Prep SchoolSarum Hall SchoolYork House Prep School
Holland House Prep SchoolWillow Brook Primary School
Secondary Schools and Academies
Halycon International SchoolSt Albans High School Seniors
Haydon School, PinnerSt Francis High School, Letchworth
Kingston Grammar SchoolSt Faith’s School, Cambridge
Queen’s College, LondonThe Charter School, North Dulwich
Queen Elizabeth Senior BoysThe Charter School, East Dulwich
Queen’s Gate Senior SchoolThe Royal School, Haslemere
South Hampstead High School SeniorsWimbledon High School
St. Catherine’s, Twickenham

Recognition for Dragons

Dragons Teaching, led by Marcus Reoch, have been providing Mandarin lessons as part of the MFL curriculum at Kingston Grammar School since 2013. The thorough planning and structure of the Mandarin course, the provision of materials, textbooks workbooks and online resources, and most of all the professionalism and enthusiasm by Marcus and his team have meant, that Mandarin very quickly established itself as an integral part of the MFL Department at KGS. Pupils have been studying the language enthusiastically and are motivated to continue to IGCSE level. I have been impressed with the teachers as well as the resources and the fun way in which the Mandarin curriculum has been delivered to our pupils. The seamless integration in the curriculum, the detailed feedback on pupils’ progress and performance and the quality of the resources used are important factors in the success of Mandarin at our school and I look forward to continuing our relationship with Dragons for many years to come.
Tanja M Russell

Head of MFL, Kingston Grammar School

I really have enjoyed working with you and Dragons and have appreciated your thoroughly professional approach. The teachers you have sent us and the service you have provided have been top notch!
Philippa Millward

Head of MFL, Queen's College (Harley Street)

We very much enjoy working with Dragons Teaching. They have been nothing other than flexible and professional in their dealings with City of London School, cooperating with us to ensure a dynamic and effective introduction to Mandarin for all our First Form pupils. We are now embarking on the GCSE course and we have every confidence that Marcus and his team will support us successfully. The structure, pace and demands of the course have been carefully planned and the team has worked well in our highly-selective, academic environment. I first came across Marcus when I was Head of Kingston Grammar School. He set up Mandarin teaching for us there too and was a pleasure to work with.
Sarah Fletcher

Headteacher, City of London School

Dragons strongly encouraged The Charter School to bring Mandarin Chinese into the Year 7 curriculum back in 2010. Since then, the language has grown dramatically in interest and it is now taught by Dragons teachers from Year 7 up to Year 11 at which point they sit the GCSE. We have always very much enjoyed working with Dragons and found their teaching staff and teaching materials to meet all the high expectations of both our pupils and parents.
Christian Hicks

Headteacher, The Charter School

The children have learnt to say hello, goodbye and thank you, as well as how to use chopsticks. It’s a great way of celebrating Chinese New Year and also takes the sting out of learning Chinese!
Sutton Veny Primary School

Dragons are the authors of the ISEB’s Mandarin Chinese online assessments (Level 1 and 2). The online versions of ISEB’s Mandarin Chinese examination papers have been well received by both our schools and our language teams. They are an exciting part of the Board’s development plans and we look forward to offering more online assessments in the future.
Ann Entwisle

Chief Administrator, Independent Schools Examinations Board

Class teachers told me how great you and your teachers were. Liked all the resources and activities. A twitter has gone out with a link to Dragons Teaching. Many thanks!
Sarah Putt

MFL Teacher, Ursuline Prep School

Dragons is an exemplary provider of Mandarin teaching. I have worked with them for more than six years and the results they have achieved teaching young people in a non-selective comprehensive in Inner London have been spectacular. The quality of the curriculum, the outstanding nature of their teaching and their ability to work seamlessly within a school’s timetable are all factors that have contributed to that success. Every year pupils achieved some of the highest results for Mandarin in external exams across England. The opportunity for young people from less advantaged backgrounds to learn a language, that historically is only offered at highly selective or independent schools, will undoubtedly improve their life chances as they progress beyond school.
Lin Proctor

Raising Aspirations Director, Pimlico Academy

Dragons is the most effective language teaching scheme in England; not just the most effective Chinese language teaching scheme. The scheme inspires young people, makes sure they are successful and provides a rigorous examination structure that ensures the young people become real speakers, readers and writers of Chinese. It is particularly effective for pupils whose primary language is English. The flexible, innovatory way Dragons works with schools means that it is equally engaging in the highest performing schools as it is in those with the greatest social challenge. Around 500 pupils from age 11 to 16 have successfully completed either ISEB or GCSE courses at the Charter School (my former school, where Mandarin was introduced on curriculum). The focus of the curriculum and teaching offered by Dragons is always on highly proficient and confident speakers readers and writers of Mandarin.
I have had the benefit of seeing Dragons work in two very different schools in London. In both schools Dragons had a positive, transformational impact – not just on the pupils studying Mandarin but on the culture of the school. Dragons provided excitement, innovation and aspiration to the curriculum and the young people.
David Sheppard

Executive Headteacher, Leathersellers' Federation of Schools

With guidance from Marcus and the excellent teachers at Dragons, we introduced Mandarin into our curriculum in Years 4 and 5 six years ago. It has very much complemented and extended our Modern Foreign Language curriculum. The teachers are fantastic, inspiring the girls to learn through the online resources and painting a picture of the Chinese culture. The girls have done incredibly well in the ISEB Common Entrance exams at the end of the programme in Year 5. They are confident speakers, readers and writers of Mandarin. All of the girls from Nursery to Year 6 have also enjoyed learning about the traditions of the Chinese New Year by taking part in interactive workshops run by Dragons.
Dina Hamalis

Academic Director, Sarum Hall

Our students were mixed ages, always a difficult audience, but they were thoroughly engrossed and interested in the fast-paced varied activities. The session was informative and very memorable and the students still remember words they learnt!
Murray Park School

I have worked with Marcus at Dragons for many years and I have always been impressed with his efficient, friendly, professional and forward thinking approach to his work within schools. Marcus introduced Mandarin to Surbiton High School in 2012 and it has become an ever popular subject which the pupils at Prep School and Senior School, who enjoy the diversity of his classes and learn new language skills to equip them for the future. The Mandarin teachers are very friendly and approachable and the teaching and learning is fun. Dragons Teaching has always been enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.
Ann Haydon

Principal, Surbiton High School

Bethany School have been delighted to work with Dragons Teaching as our partners in introducing and delivering Mandarin this year. The quality of their Programme is excellent and our Year 7 pupils have really enjoyed their learning experience with the lessons being delivered to an outstanding standard. The pupils have particularly enjoyed the interactive online resources which form the basis of much of their prep and have made excellent progress as a result. We have been delighted with the support that Dragons Teaching provide for their teacher and the school and we have been impressed with their highly professional approach. They are proactive in managing and monitoring the quality of delivery. Furthermore, we have been so pleased with how the Programme has gone this year we will be adding to the Year 8 curriculum next year for all pupils.
Steve Winter

Deputy Headteacher, Bethany School

At Queen’s Gate, we employed Dragons to introduce Mandarin to our Junior School in January 2015 and it was such an outstanding success that in September 2015, this was extended further in the Junior School and also introduced in Years 7 and 9 in the Senior School. In September 2016, Mandarin teaching will be further extended to GCSE in Year 10.
Dragons have been very well received – the staff are knowledgeable, approachable and have very good classroom presence. They make the lessons fun, whilst ensuring that the girls learn. The enthusiasm of the girls is outstanding – they really enjoy the lessons and also the interactive resources outside class. When asked why they enjoy Mandarin, the girls say that it is very different from other languages and they love the lessons – and the teachers.
From a School’s point of view, Dragons is a very good company to work with. They respond quickly to any query and are very accommodating with times of lessons and requests. They provide a very good service, including the writing of reports and attendance at Parents’ Evening. They fit seamlessly into our School routine and provide “value for money”.
Rosalynd Kamaryc

Principal, Queen's Gate School

I am pleased that Dragons has grown from strength to strength over the years. What is special about the development of Dragons is its connection with SOAS where I teach. Our current and past pupils of Chinese have worked for Dragons and they continue to attract our pupils, providing them with an alternative way of combining their Chinese language learning and gaining valuable work experience where their Chinese language skills play an important role. Their experience may open a new channel for their future career development.
Dr Song Lianyi

China Department, SOAS

All the kids came out of school really enthused – in fact never seen them so enthusiastic after school! And full of interesting facts!
Maple Walk School

Dragons Teaching, who provide teachers to our school, organised and accompanied us on our inaugural school trip to Beijing. This provided a well-planned, inspiring and unforgettable experience for the pupils. Xiexie!

Betsan Williams

Deputy Headteacher, The Charter School

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