AQA GCSE Chinese Textbook 2 is the second part of a new two-part GCSE series. In order to begin this book, students should have worked through AQA GCSE Chinese Textbook 1. This course is aligned to AQA’s new GCSE Chinese specification and is written with the requirements of non-heritage learners in mind. As well as continuing with the features in Textbook 1, Textbook 2 contains a new range of features suitable for students approaching an intermediate language level. Common errors - This section gives detailed explanations of common mistakes that English speaking non-native learners of  Chinese make. Real Chinese - This section presents learners with original texts in Chinese, with no simplification added. This section helps learners practise the skill of dealing with texts they may only partially understand. Learners should not try to understand everything in these texts, but use analytical thinking and inference to extract meaning from the text. Grammar overview - These sections bring together grammar points that students have learned in different chapters for the purposes of consolidation and reference. Revision - In units 14-19 we present revision activities which bring together old and new material. These exercises are ideal for consolidating knowledge and filling in any gaps. Literature (online) - These activities are designed as a gentle introduction to reading original literature in Chinese, as well as important cultural knowledge. In units 9-14, learners will read and analyze a short literary poem. In units 15-19, learners will read and understand an idiom story. Additional readings and pinyin support (online) - Our online portal (secondaryschoolchinese.com) includes extra reading exercises and pinyin versions of textbook activities to aid in differentiation. This way, teachers can provide pinyin versions of activities for students who need extra support, as well as extension activities for more advanced learners A workbook and online portal accompany the textbook, giving opportunity for extra practice and enabling teachers to track students’ progress. Once we have received your order, we will be in touch within one working day with the access username and password.