Primary School Chinese Character Book 2 is the perfect study companion for Primary School Chinese Textbook 2. It is aimed at young students studying Mandarin Chinese at a basic level, but is also a useful too for older learners. Primary School Chinese Character Book 2 is fully aligned to Textbook 2 and e-portal and will enable the student to revise and practise the fundamentals of Chinese characters.
  • contains tracing grids to ensure accuracy in Chinese character writing
  • includes blank grids for further writing practice
  • has a wide range of exercises to test students on characters that appear throughout the course
  • is a fun and motivational tool to accompany Textbook 2 and e-portal, www.primaryschoolchinese.com
In addition, the characters included in the book follow the specifications for both the MCTC® (Mandarin Chinese Teaching Certification) and the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) Level 1 Mandarin Chinese Assessment. Preview this book here.