Introducing EALConnect: the best value small group English as an Additional Language learning experience!

Aligned with the Common Framework for languages A1 and A2 level, EALConnect limits classes to 6 children of the same age and language level.

Perfect for new arrivals to the UK or any young learner who is struggling with basic English, EALConnect will grow your child’s happiness and confidence in English.

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Connect costs less

At only £15 per child per class, EALConnect represents the best value for money in online English as an Additional Language tuition.

No experience? No problem!

EALConnect has been specifically created by language experts for complete beginners to English! Aligned with CEFR levels A1 and A2, complete beginners will feel at ease and enjoy their English learning journey.

We have private tuition models to suit any budget and schedule! Check out our face to face and online premium tuition too.

Connect with confidence

We know that young learners struggling with basic English can lose confidence and underperform in other academic areas too. With EALConnect our fun and structured courses engage children with measureable progress in both academic achievement and self-confidence.

Connect with quality

Our EALConnect course materials were designed by EAL experts and align with the fun companion app. Children love the seamless transition from the teacher-led part of the lesson to the games and activities on the app.

Connect with progress you can measure

Children learn with a Dragons Teacher for the first half of the lesson before consolidating their knowledge on the companion app.

Teachers provide regular reports on all students’ progress and parents can follow their child’s progress on the Parent Dashboard.